Karen - Originally from Essex, England I emigrated to the USA in 1999. I grew up in Aveley Village and loved village life; I liked to walk down the street and know I would see someone who knew me, actually, most people did! I loved the old buildings and learning about the original families of the village, village life was important to me. Coming to Warrenton from Long Island, NY is like coming home for me, people talk or wave to us as we walk down the street, we have received a warm welcome from the locals and I am looking forward to learning about the history of this small town (by the way it is smaller than Aveley) and truly becoming a local as we build this business together.

Mike - I was born in Port Washington, Long Island, NY. Mostly this is where I grew up, although I did spend some time in Florida, too. I spent a number of years living in Newport, RI and found that small town is what I really enjoy. Life took me back to Long Island and I got caught up in the rat-race. Finally, I am able to leave the hustle and bustle of city life and look forward to settling in Warrenton.